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Autism & Speech Delays Made Easy

Oct 26, 2021

Navigating Autism: 9 Mindsets for Helping Kids on the Spectrum, is Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Debra Moore’s newest book. We are discussing these mindsets and some autism hot topics such as medication for autism and the controversy of ABA. The interesting information they share from their book, are empowering tools...

Oct 19, 2021

No therapy is better than bad therapy. Today, BCBA Tameika Meadows, author, and creator of the blog I Love ABA joins me to share her important factors in finding a good ABA provider. We break down the differences between good ABA and bad ABA, highlight some big red flags, and dig into parent resources.

Oct 12, 2021

Positive reinforcement is the key to changing behavior in humans and animals alike. Amy Sutherland, author of What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage, shares how she uses the training skills she learned with animals to improve behavior in her personal life in many ways. This interview is full of interesting...

Oct 5, 2021

COVID isolation kept us inside our house, but did it make our world quieter? If you’re seeing a speech delay in your toddler, they may have been affected by the lack of exposure due to the lockdown. Rachel Smith, Program Director of Turn Autism Around and mom to Two-year-old Everett, is sharing how she blames covid...