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Positive Toddler Parenting™

Feb 28, 2023

Receiving a special needs diagnosis for your child is a moment you will never forget. Jillian Benfield Down Syndrome mom and author of The Gift of the Unexpected joins me today for a really great conversation. We talk about Jillian’s journey through grief and parenting, how ableism might affect your vision of a...

Feb 21, 2023

Finding the right placement or program for a child with autism can be a daunting task for your family. Rachel Smith joins me to discuss and answer the top 5 questions from the community about this important topic. We offer tips and advice for parents whether you’re considering in-center or in-home care.

Feb 14, 2023

Is it better for your child to have ABA in-home or is it better to have a center? The truth is there are many factors and questions to consider when making this choice for your family. I will go over some of the important things you should look at when choosing therapy and care for your autistic child. 

Feb 7, 2023

Long-time follower and dedicated listener, Ruth Cassell joins me in this episode. Ruth shares how she discovered my platform and her insights on the podcast as someone who has listened to every single episode. We discuss her son, his diagnosis, and their journey through therapy and at-home support.